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Sussex 4×4 Response – Ready To Respond This Winter

Sussex 4×4 Response is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation of volunteers that offers various services to Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other Agencies within Sussex.

Our Sussex charity becomes an essential service in winter if snow and icy conditions grind Sussex to a halt. The group provides vital back up transport to the NHS, Sussex Police and council workers who need to get to and from work in treacherous conditions.

We are ready to deal with bad weather providing reliable 24hr transport and logistics when other rescue services are stretched, Sussex 4×4 response offers a comprehensive local service to doctor’s, paramedics & local authority care trusts in getting people where they need to be.

Amongst the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s) Sussex 4×4 Response has in place include those registered with Sussex Police, East & West Sussex County Councils, NHS Sussex, SECAMB, and Other Sussex Hospices.

We provide reliable transport in adverse weather that is constantly available, the team is made up of highly trained volunteers who give up their time and skills and the use of there 4×4 vehicles in emergencies to serve the community.

All our trained and fully insured Response personnel are members of the charity they officially carry out Response work for us and have the skills needed for off road/severe weather driving, First Aid, navigation and communications.

Within Sussex, during winter our responders will be out carrying out various tasks in the local community.
We provide reliable transport to paramedics, nurses and doctors to their relevant places of work also to transport doctors and nurses on there palliative care patient rounds day or night.

We also provide many of the local hospitals and hospices in the area with assistance transporting staff to and from hospitals and essential personnel or supplies to areas that would be hard or impossible to reach in normal vehicles.

Driving in snow is what we are best known for but we are also experienced in other emergencies like floods and off road driving getting officials from other agencies places normal cars wouldn’t dream of reaching.

Our Responders are dispatched, tracked and monitored by our team of support members who, while not necessarily 4×4 drivers themselves, add a valuable contribution to the operation of the charity at these times.

We are the only official group operating within Sussex that is part the 4×4 Response network for the whole of the UK.

If you are interested in joining us or have an interest in an MOU with us to use our services, then please contact us –


Winter & Dark Nights Are Coming – Drive Safely…

drive-safely-leaflet-sqDark Winter Mornings & Nights Are Coming Once again in Sussex and by the end of this month with the clocks now having gone back we will be plunged into darkness by 4pm.

Drivers are urged by the services to take extra care whilst driving and to ensure all their lights are working property and windows are clean and clear.

Traffic death rates are three times greater at night, yet many of us are unaware of the hazards that night driving poses or effective ways to minimise the risk.

It is therefore all the more important to prepare for your journey and take sensible safety precautions to protect you and your passengers & those around you, remember there can be ice or fog about.

sussex-snowStart out by ensuring the vehicle is roadworthy, Check all your lights for blown bulbs, check tyre tread & air pressures, oil levels, fill the screen wash tank and check the windscreen wipers & demist heater is working.

When driving at night follow these tips on safer driving:

Use your lights responsibly – Turn headlights on one hour before sunset and leave on for at least half an hour after sunrise to make it easier for other drivers to see you in early twilight.
Use your high beams sparingly at all times but in fog use low beam headlights in conjunction with fog lamps.

  • Avoid glare – Don’t look directly at oncoming headlights and use the day night shift on the rear view mirror to prevent glare from traffic behind you.
  • Keep all windows and headlights clean – Dirty windows diffuse light and can increase glare, making it more difficult to see, while dirty headlights can reduce efficiency by as much as 90 percent.
  • Be alert – Look for flashes of light at hilltops, curves and junctions that may indicate the headlights of approaching vehicles.
  • Increase your following distance – Increasing your distance by four to five seconds can make it easier to spot potential problems on the road and give you more time to react safely.
  • Avoid fatigue – Night driving can be tiring, so on long journeys ensure good ventilation inside the vehicle, and take frequent refreshment breaks to give your eyes a chance to recover.
    Take a short nap or a brisk walk, or have some caffeine to help you stay alert.
  • Glasses– Anti-reflective (AR) coating reduces internal reflections in the lenses.
    AR-coated glasses also transmit more light than regular lenses which can improve vision at night.



SX212 A27 Chichester Stranded Vehicle Letter Of Thanks

SX212 Chichester Rescue Of A Stranded Vehicle In The Middle Lane Of The A27 28-8-2016


Around a week ago we posted on our official Facebook page that Responder SX212 of Sussex 4×4 Response had helped a number of people that day while going about his own business, here is a letter of thanks we received from one of those members of the public he helped that day.
In urgent cases of someone or something in danger out on the roads team members will quickly assess a situation and legally initiate self deployment if required.

On Sunday August 28 2016 2:20 pm

This morning, my wife, son, mother & father in law along with 3 dogs were unfortunate enough to be in a Land Rover which broke down in the middle lane of the A27 at the junction of the A286, A particularly busy road and junction on a busy bank holiday weekend.

Only when put in this situation do you realise how dangerous the situation could have escalated to.

My wife, and party, was heading out to take the dogs for a nice walk when the vehicle just died, Traffic was swarming around her beeping their horns and making them feel really very nervous when one of your colleagues, Chris (SX212) happened to be driving along and stopped to assist.

His timing was absolutely spot on as she immediately felt safer as traffic started moving around her car because of his presence, His advice and assistance meant that a Police car was dispatched quickly to control traffic and he was then able to tow the vehicle across the busy carriageway to a safe place whilst waiting for a recovery vehicle.

I understand that the work your organisation provide is charitable and provide assistance to communities, emergency services , local authorities and other services in situations where a 4×4 is required, Without volunteers like Chris, you would not be able to carry out the work you do.

Luckily for us, Chris saw the danger my family were in and stepped in to assist, We have never been in this situation before but are very grateful that kind and professional people like yourselves are around to help in times of distress.

Thank you again to Chris and the Sussex 4×4 Response organisation for allowing my family to come home safely today.

We will talk to friends about our experience today and spread the word.

Thanks again.
Neil S


Pleased To Support Festival 21 & Friends Of Sussex…


Sussex 4×4 Response was very pleased yesterday to support Festival 21 organized by the Friends of Sussex Hospices.

Logistical support was given along with Marshaling & Car Parking throughout the day & even into the Evening, despite sadly the rain & winds.

Around 20 Vehicles, plus Members along with a Display, Inflatable Tent & Command & Control Vehicle donated last year by Sussex Police were utilized to provide a safe comfortable environment for all attending.

Thanks have already been received from Visitors, Coach Drivers & Opera Singers, besides E-mails sent from the Organizers stating how incredibly grateful they were for all the hard work we were happy to provide.

Supporting Local Organisations is one of Sussex 4×4 Responses activities in supporting the Sussex Community.

We are a Charity Incorporated Organization and active Partner of the Sussex Resilience Forum also has Memorandums of Understanding with the Emergency Services, NHS, Councils & Hospices.

For more information please visit our Facebook page or our Website:


A Dying Promise Kept – And The 4×4 Response…

WHEN 68-year-old East Grinstead resident Michael Emms was widowed in January last year he kept the promise he had made to his late wife Rita and bought a new car.

In the weeks leading up to Rita’s death from cancer, the couple had received “wonderful” support from nurses who had come day and night, in all weathers, to help care for her.

One day Michael asked a member of the nursing team what they did when the weather was very bad and she said “We call on Sussex 4×4 Response and they drive us around.”

3So three months after Rita died, Michael decided that the new car Rita had urged him to buy would be a Mazda 4×4 so that he could volunteer to join the charity of trained responders who are available 24/7/365 across Sussex to help the emergency services in treacherous weather.

The charity provides vital back up transport for the NHS, police, and council workers who need to get to and from work in bad weather Providing reliable 24hr transport when other rescue services are stretched, Sussex 4×4 Response offers a comprehensive local service to doctors, paramedics and local authorities in getting people where they need to be.

“Our aim is to provide a service in bad weather that is constantly available,” said a spokesman.

“The team is made up of highly-trained volunteers who give up their time and skills, and the use of their 4×4 vehicles, to serve the community in emergencies.”

There are currently about 200 members spread across East & West Sussex who are equipped and ready to respond at any time, we are best known for driving in the snow but they are also experienced in other emergencies including floods, and going off-road in places normal cars couldn’t reach.

Michael has yet to do an emergency run, but he has helped with marshalling local events, and if the snow starts to fall, he’ll be on standby to do whatever he can to keep the town running.

“The nurses who looked after my wife came from East Grinstead, Crawley and Haywards Heath and they were absolutely wonderful,” he said. “So this is my way of giving something back.”

The group welcomes new members and all agencies to get in touch if they feel they need help this winter.
For more information please visit:


Irresponsible Drivers Putting Themselves At Risk In Floods

*** Press Release: 7 January 2016 ***
4×4 Response UK, the national charity that provides four-wheel drive support to the emergency and essential services, condemns the behaviour of some 4×4 drivers in the recent floods for ignoring road closures and putting themselves in danger.
Anyone considering driving through flood water might like to be aware that:

* Around a third of drownings in floods involve people in their vehicles
* It can take little more than a egg-cup of water to destroy a car engine
* Two foot of water can float a car, but just one foot of flowing water can sweep it away
* Flood water can wash away road surfaces or lift inspection covers leaving holes that will trap or seriously damage vehicles
* Urban flood water is often contaminated with effluent from overflowing sewers

12400690_586708674818862_9177095418800574330_nDuring the recent storms, 4×4 Response volunteers from the Lothian 4×4 Response, North West 4×4 Response and Yorkshire 4×4 Response groups have been working hard alongside the emergency services to assist with evacuations and provide relief, including food and essential supplies, to residents whose homes have been inundated with water as well as providing transport in areas where access has become difficult.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are not invincible, and our volunteers are trained, experienced, and work under the direction of the emergency services to keep themselves, their vehicles and above all their passengers safe.

A spokesman for the charity says “We would urge all road users to pay attention to road conditions and not attempt to drive through flood water regardless of the type of vehicle they are driving, and not to be tempted to ignore closure signs or to follow emergency vehicles, including our own, through the water”.

Roads are closed for a reason.

Never attempt to drive through a flooded road. Turn Around Don’t Drown.



Sussex 4×4 Response charity ready for winter – Interview…

RAP_4113 - Version 2_zps7fj27xsx
Sussex 4×4 Response is a team of volunteers who own 4×4 vehicles across the county.
They help out during snowy weather but also help emergency services during things like search operations. The also act as back up for NHS organisations and local councils.

This is a radio interview we did with Splash FM – Local Radio for Worthing shortly before Christmas that was broadcast Today in the news across Sussex.


South East Water Community Chest Award

RAP_4113 - Version 2_zps7fj27xsx
Foreword from South East Water:
Our judging panel made up of six members of staff from across the business all with an interest in fundraising, helped decide which organisations South East Water would support this year.

Sussex 4×4 Response was delighted to have been considered and awarded a donation as part of South East Water’s Community Chest Fund.
This donation enables the charity to purchase a number of radios to improve communications between our responders when deployed on incidents.

These radios are intended to be used at events and on large operations where quick and reliable communications with all of the volunteers involved is essential and will allow re-positioning of people and equipment more efficiently. An example of this may be the need to get one of our defibrillators to someone that needs it much quicker helping to increase the chances of recovery.

Our growing number of trained responders and improved equipment enables the team to expand our user groups (which currently include the Emergency Services, Local Councils and local NHS trusts) to include utility companies like South East Water allowing us to provide greater assistance during incidents and adverse weather conditions.

Ian MacDonald, Trustee and Operations Team Member said
“Communications on the ground are so important in a fast moving incident situation and the new kit will enable the team to be even more effective.
Also we would like to acknowledge the hard work of one Responder in securing this donation”

Anybody with a 4×4 who is keen to help the communities of Sussex in times of need should visit and consider joining the team, comprehensive training will be provided enabling progression to become a fully active responder.