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Eastbourne 999 Display – Saturday 11th July 2015

Some of the team attended Eastbourne 999 Display over the weekend of the 11/12th July a great weekend was had by all and the team received some excellent feedback from both the emergency services and the general public.


Martlets Hospice Midnight Walk Saturday 13th June 2015


Sussex 4×4 Response have again supported the Martlets Hospice Midnight Walk in Brighton again this year by Marshaling with their 4×4 Response Support Vehicles for the Martlets event which took place overnight on Saturday 13th June.

Hundreds of women took part in the night time walk in Brighton starting from Brighton Racecourse, and taking them around the streets of Brighton & Hove to raise much needed funds for the hospice the event again has been given huge support from Sussex 4×4 Response who also has an MOU with the Martlets to help transport Martlets staff in adverse weather conditions.

10417680_10152480655984941_5362106675023856166_nThe Martlets care for people across our local community, yet the Hospice is not part of the NHS, They must generate over £4.3 million annually to ensure the continuation of Hospice services. Less than a third of this funding is received from local Primary Care Trust.

Sussex 4×4 Response volunteers marshaled the walk at designated spots round the course along with other volunteers making sure that the ladies followed the correct path & were kept safe.

Support Vehicles were also on hand mobile around the course for various situations.

Sussex 4×4 Response, said; “It is our pleasure to be able to offer our help to the Martlets Hospice. It is a great cause, and as the Midnight Walk is one of their biggest events it’s our pleasure to be able to offer support”.

“The Midnight walk is an important event for Martlets Hospice and Sussex 4×4 Response made it a safe night for all those involved.”

Details of the event can be found at:

Details of Sussex 4×4 Response can be found at:


Sussex Police Donation Will Help ‘Command’ Sussex 4×4 Response

A donation from Sussex Police has now been handed over to help Sussex 4×4 Response carry out its vital work supporting Sussex Police in adverse weather and assisting search and rescue teams and its other community activities.

We are proud to announce that Sussex Police has kindly donated to us a command and control vehicle, which is a silver Mercedes Vito van which is fully fitted as such and is equipped with a control desk, sockets, and electrics necessary to run radio equipment inside, Our charity organisation has been in need for some time of a command and control vehicle that can be placed close to an incident for use as a central control base, It will allow us to set up a base close to the scene of an incident and co-ordinate our Responders and activities with those of other agencies so our volunteers are in the right place at the right time.

The group was, therefore overwhelmed when Sussex Police offered to donate a suitable vehicle for this use, which will have Sussex 4×4 Response livery applied shortly.

Sussex 4×4 Response provides transportation and other services to support the community in times of need, Through its volunteer responders and the use of their privately owned 4×4 vehicles it transports medical staff and supplies through bad weather, assists the Police including the support of search and rescue teams and also assists other charities in managing road closures and similar activities.

Chief constable Giles York said:
“The vehicle will allow Sussex 4×4 Response to be of even more assistance to us and the people of Sussex when we are most in need of help.
“The volunteers give up their time for free to support the emergency services and local authorities across the county in all weathers and at all times of the day and night. They do an amazing job.
“Good communication between those dealing with an emergency can help save lives so I’m delighted that this donation will make Sussex even safer – while building an even stronger bond with Sussex 4×4 Response.”

Sussex 4×4 Response Chairman, Dave Green said:
“We are delighted with the relationship that has been built over the last two years between ourselves and Sussex Police, It’s a relationship based on mutual respect which led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Force, We are extremely grateful for the donation of this vehicle which we will be able to put good use in providing a control centre for our volunteers when responding to incidents.”

Sussex 4×4 Response Vice Chairman, Paul Cumbers said:
“The acquisition of a vehicle for Command and Control purposes had been debated in the past but no progress was made.
The fact that we did not need to purchase the vehicle from Sussex Police also shows that they consider us a resource worth supporting and I hope we mutually continue to strengthen this relationship going forward.”

Sussex 4×4 Response Registered Charity Number 1155780
More information is available on our website


Chestnut Tree House – Night to Remember Midnight Walk…


This is a ladies only sponsored 10 mile midnight walk along Eastbourne’s streets and seafront in aid of Chestnut Tree House, Over the past years, over 2,000 ladies have taken to the streets of Eastbourne and have raised a collective £280,000 for Chestnut Tree House, the only children’s hospice in Sussex.

After an energetic warm up, the walk started on the promenade at The Sovereign Centre in Eastbourne. After walking along the promenade to Sovereign Harbour and looping around, the ladies then made their way towards Holywell and back to the Sovereign Centre.

11078149_10152817579412452_2401463167689482749_nAgain this year our team helped out with this event and it was a great night helping to marshal it & keep all of Chestnut Tree House’s amazing women walkers safe & encouraged during the early hours in Eastbourne.

Well done to everyone involved it all went very well and we were all done by 5am, Many thanks again to our Response Team also the CTH Team for accommodating us again last night !
CTH’s grand total for the Night to Remember last night was a fundraising total of over £71,000 @ChestnutSussex #CTHN2R @sx4x4r #‎Eastbourne‬ ‬

Chestnut Tree House is the only children’s hospice in Sussex and cares for 280 children and young adults from 0-25 years of age with progressive life-limiting conditions from Sussex.
The hospice costs almost £3 million per year to run. Families are never charged for their care and only less than 8p in every pound is funded by the government, so they rely heavily on the fundraising, generosity and the help and support of the people of Sussex.


Responders Off Road Refresher day 14th March 2015

11011188_10152831544584436_7723494070601871685_nToday Responders were invited on a practical off road refresher at Shoreham old cement works to put into practice there skill which had been gained from previous training courses.

Within Sussex 4×4 Response at our heart is practical off road driving and vehicle recovery training.

Over the course of Saturday members honed there skills and put into action what might be called upon them in the event they were in a callout situation.

Covered within this environment was the safe approach with failed hill climbs, control of steep ascents and descents, driving side slopes and crossing, ascending and descending gulleys and slippery surfaces at this amazing site we were allowed access to, all enjoyed today organised by our team.

Video below made by Paul SX238 one of our Responders Who is also the owner of Sussex Air Imaging



SusPol / Op Boulder Exercise 1st Feb 2015

Thanks to all our Responders and all individual teams involved in Exercise Operation Boulder today it was a cold start, But a great days training was had by all participants and by comments received go further to compound the value we hold at Sussex 4×4 Response regarding our use in such joint operations where trained 4×4 Response drivers come into their own to prove their worth in such logistical tasks in working with other agency’s and getting people and equipment to places or off road faster which can be highly regarded by users when searching for a missing person when 10408697_10152744227219436_8180703383284389950_ntime is of the essence or where adverse weather maybe hampering efforts.

Sussex Police Said:
Nearly 200 search and rescue volunteers descended on Ashdown Forest on Sunday (1st February 2015) in a major exercise designed to test the skills and capabilities of a number of organisations.

Organised and hosted by Sussex Police at its Kingstanding training facility near Crowborough, the scenario presented to the teams involved a hunt for four people – in reality, enthusiastic police cadets – lost in the forest.

In addition to search specialists from Sussex Police, there were volunteers from Sussex Search and Rescue, Surrey Search and Rescue, ALSAR Search Dogs Sussex, Sussex 4×4 Response and three Sussex Neighbourhood Watch teams. They were assisted from the air by three fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter from the voluntary Air Search organisation, along with operators of the Sussex Police drone, based at Gatwick.

Sergeant Russ Phillips, who organised the exercise, said: “Conditions weren’t as bad as they are experiencing further north, but the chilly weather was a valuable reminder of just how wild and hostile some of the remoter areas of Sussex can be.

“Our scenario involved four high risk missing people and provided opportunities not only for searching techniques, but also for first aid, recovery and medivac (medical evacuation).
“While the exercise did unfortunately necessitate the recovery of a ‘body’, I am pleased to say that all four of our cadets were successfully found, returned safely and were very grateful for warm drinks and a meal!”

Sussex Police, ALSAR Search Dogs Sussex, Sussex Search & Rescue, Surrey Search and Rescue

#OpBoulder #TeamWork #MisPer #Search #Volunteers





Sussex Community Resilience During Severe Weather

Every year public-spirited volunteers get out in their communities and support people who are affected by severe weather conditions.

Whether shoveling the snow away from schools or transporting food and medicine to the vulnerable, these volunteers step up for neighbours in trouble.

This is the community spirit that lies at the heart of the Big Society and the Government is keen that no would-be volunteer is discouraged or barred from helping out.

This guidance is for all those individuals, and voluntary groups, who want to get involved.
The guidance challenges misconceptions about health and safety laws getting in the way of action and volunteering, It also contains contacts for useful charities for vulnerable people such as the Red Cross, and tips on how to volunteer.

We need the Big Society most in times of adversity when communities have to pull together.

Sussex-snow-7Check that any elderly or disabled neighbours are alright in the cold weather. If you’re worried about them, contact your local council.
Check you know who might need help in your community by speaking to your local Parish Clerk.

Further very useful information on community resilience can be found using the links below, this guidance sets out how you can survive the ice and snow and help your neighbours & community to do the same.




Off Road & Recovery Level 1 & 2 Courses…

This Weekend sees our Off Road & Recovery Level 1 & 2 Courses over in West Sussex !

10942674186_cc96dec212_bBefore we can expect members to commit to responding, it’s important to make sure that they are properly equipped for the wide range of circumstances that they might be called upon to handle, and that means training.

Sussex 4×4 Response is developing its own training standards to provide a recognisable level of competence held by its responders. There are a wide range of training courses available to members but at its heart is practical off road driving and vehicle recovery training which takes place at a private off-road site in West Sussex which is a former chalk pit.

Over the course of the training weekend members will learn the safe approach to dealing with failed hill climbs, steep ascents and descents, driving side slopes and crossing, ascending and descending deep gulleys. On the vehicle recovery front, members were shown the safe way to tow a vehicle and to be towed on a rope and how to recover a vehicle that had slipped off the road driven by a person who hadn’t got a clue what they were doing. One of our trainers has excellent acting skills!

If you want to use your vehicle in adverse weather conditions and fancy putting something back into the community, you should consider joining your local 4×4 response team. You’ll find great friendship and will be using your 4×4 for something really worthwhile !

Here’s a video of last autumns Responders in action.


Sussex 4×4 Response – Training The Trainers Day


Well what a nice day it was for our course on Sunday 9th march 2014

Matt our Training Officer was looking for members with the right experience to become Sussex 4×4 Response Trainers. To that end, a number of responders put themselves forward and we then run the “Train the Trainers” day, at our West Sussex site on Sunday. We were looking for members who had good experience of off road driving and vehicle recovery techniques.

Before we can expect members to commit to responding, it’s important to make sure that they are properly equipped for the wide range of circumstances that they might be called upon to handle, and that means training.

Sussex 4×4 Response is developing its own training standards to provide a recognisable level of competence held by its responders. There is a wide range of training courses available to members but at its heart is practical off road driving and vehicle recovery training which takes place at a private off-road site in West Sussex which is a former chalk pit.

Many Thanks to everyone that was involved !



Flooding and Public Health England

Flooding presents a number of risks to health, drowning being the most obvious. Serious injury can be caused by falling into fast flowing water or from hidden dangers under the water, such as missing manhole covers.
The stress and strain of being flooded and cleaning up can have a notable impact on mental health and well being.

In the event of major floods, Public Health England works with local agencies, including the NHS, police, local government and Environment Agency to provide expert advice on protecting the health of the local community, particularly from microbiological and chemical hazards.

Our local health protection centres, liaising with national colleagues who specialise in environmental hazards, infectious diseases and emergency planning, can provide a focal point for health protection advice to local responders and the public. The Environment Agency has a key role in warning people about the risk of flooding, and in reducing the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea.

Message from Public Health England

Please see below the link to a new leaflet ‘How to clean up safely after a flood’ now online at Public Health England website.