Sussex 4x4 Response

Sussex 4×4 Response has been very busy providing a vital Service since not long after the snow had started to fall on Friday 18th Jan and throughout the weekend and into the start of the new week, Our Team of 130 volunteers stepped in to provide much needed support in the snow. Sussex 4×4 Response […]

Heavy rain means a risk of flooded roads. What’s the correct way to tackle standing water in your car? While some cars will get through quite severe floods, there are a number of dangers. Apart from shorted-out electrics on petrol cars, there is also a risk of the engine sucking in water which, being incompressible […]

If you do have to go out in adverse weather conditions there are still rules of the road & laws to abide by, Those are mainly making sure you have your Headlights switched on & your distance away from the car in front being the most essential points The Highway Code – Driving In Adverse […]

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