Sussex 4x4 Response


There for the community

Sussex 4×4 Response is a dedicated group of over 90 volunteers from all around Sussex who freely give their time, expertise and enthusiasm to help the community.

Who Are We & What We Do?
Sussex 4×4 Response is a registered charity that offers various services to Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other Agencies within Sussex, We are part of The National 4×4 Response UK Network and a Category3 Response Organisation and have Working agreements with Sussex Police, East & West Sussex County Councils, NHS Sussex, Sussex Hospices & Raynet to name a few in Sussex.

We have fully trained and insured Responders who are members of our charity who officially carry out Response work, they have the skills needed for off road/severe weather driving, Driving for Search and Rescue personel, First Aid, navigation and radio communication and much more.

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