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Becoming an official member of our Sussex 4×4 Response charity can be a rewarding and sometimes challenging role, On being accepted as a member, you will be issued with a branded high visibility jacket, photo ID card and stickers.
There is currently an annual charge of £20 per annum for membership and a one-off joining fee of £15 – these can be paid by cheque made payable to Sussex 4×4 Response, cash in person or you can use Paypal to send the fee online to: please mark the payment as a gift and include your name to help identify the payment.

You may choose to join either as a Support Member or Responder:

Support Member – A person who wishes to support the group either by helping at events, in the running of the charity or even by being trained to be a controller to dispatch and control those Responders when attending emergencies.

Responder – A person who legally owns, insures and is licensed to drive a 4×4 vehicle, and is covered as a volunteer under the correct Sussex 4×4 Response volunteer insurance and has passed the initial driving assessment (this is an assessment of your knowledge of your vehicle, equipment, driving ability and willingness to drive in adverse conditions) – note – Responders are referred to in the application form as ‘operational’ members.

Associate Responder – A responder from another 4×4 Response team who wishes to join our forum and discussions online, and take part in events that we organise (Note – Associate Responder is not a membership level. Its access to our forum and we assume that you have paid membership of your parent 4×4 response team). To apply for this, please send an email to and include your current group and national call sign.

To apply to be a member of Sussex 4×4 Response there are few forms you will need to download and complete.

1. Sussex 4×4 Response Application form
2. Sussex 4×4 Response Template Insurance Letter
3. Gift Aid declaration (where applicable)
4. Terms of Membership (for you to keep)

Sussex 4×4 Response Application form
The Sussex 4×4 Response Application form and Gift Aid declaration (where applicable) – This can be completed and either returned via post along with a passport sized photo and your cheque (as applicable) or you can scan and email the form and a suitable photo to

The Sussex 4×4 Response Template Insurance Letter – Should be sent to your insurance company please note this is to notify your insurance company that you intend to carry out voluntary work with your vehicle, Most insurance companies are happy to return this to you stamped and or signed at no extra cost to yourself.

The Sussex 4×4 Response Terms of Membership is for you to keep and is available on the the link below.

Please find the relevant forms on the link below >

If you have a desire to help your community please continue to browse our website.

Finally, if you have any questions please do contact the group either through our forum, via our information telephone number – 07077 079706 – or by email to – or

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your interest in the group

Membership Secretary, Sussex 4×4 Response Team.

Registered Charity Number 1155780

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