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SX212 Chichester Rescue Of A Stranded Vehicle In The Middle Lane Of The A27 28-8-2016


Around a week ago we posted on our official Facebook page that Responder SX212 of Sussex 4×4 Response had helped a number of people that day while going about his own business, here is a letter of thanks we received from one of those members of the public he helped that day.
In urgent cases of someone or something in danger out on the roads team members will quickly assess a situation and legally initiate self deployment if required.

On Sunday August 28 2016 2:20 pm

This morning, my wife, son, mother & father in law along with 3 dogs were unfortunate enough to be in a Land Rover which broke down in the middle lane of the A27 at the junction of the A286, A particularly busy road and junction on a busy bank holiday weekend.

Only when put in this situation do you realise how dangerous the situation could have escalated to.

My wife, and party, was heading out to take the dogs for a nice walk when the vehicle just died, Traffic was swarming around her beeping their horns and making them feel really very nervous when one of your colleagues, Chris (SX212) happened to be driving along and stopped to assist.

His timing was absolutely spot on as she immediately felt safer as traffic started moving around her car because of his presence, His advice and assistance meant that a Police car was dispatched quickly to control traffic and he was then able to tow the vehicle across the busy carriageway to a safe place whilst waiting for a recovery vehicle.

I understand that the work your organisation provide is charitable and provide assistance to communities, emergency services , local authorities and other services in situations where a 4×4 is required, Without volunteers like Chris, you would not be able to carry out the work you do.

Luckily for us, Chris saw the danger my family were in and stepped in to assist, We have never been in this situation before but are very grateful that kind and professional people like yourselves are around to help in times of distress.

Thank you again to Chris and the Sussex 4×4 Response organisation for allowing my family to come home safely today.

We will talk to friends about our experience today and spread the word.

Thanks again.
Neil S

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